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Communication Process

ELANCO Communication Process

The Eastern Lancaster County School District is committed to effectively communicating with the learners, parents and guardians, staff, and community it serves.  We understand that this means not only sharing information from the district, but also creating clear and efficient ways to gather information and respond to questions or concerns. 

To meet this need, the communication process for ELANCO was developed below.  Communicating with the person who is closest to a question or concern will resolve most issues.  When this does not happen, please follow the steps below to continue through the communication process.

When seeking an answer or sharing a concern, following the steps below will allow for an exchange of information that provides clarity for both parties.  This does not mean that there will always be agreement but should ensure that the most relevant and important information can be considered when addressing a concern.

Communication Process:

  1. Contact the person closest to the question or issue to be discussed (see the options below)
  2. Share the question or concern as you see it
    1. Include specific information and avoid hypotheticals
    2. Offer the best method of communication for response (Phone call, email, meeting, etc.)
  3. Seek solutions that both parties can support and act on
  4. Agree on next steps and confirm each person’s responsibilities
    1. If agreement is not reached, proceed to the next level in the communication process