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Covid-19 Bus Information

  • The basic plan of the Eastern Lancaster County School District on Covid-19 and transportation will be one of reasonable precautions. We share this information now so you can make a personal decision whether you want to participate in the school operated transportation program or not. Below are key considerations.

    1. We are building the routes and loading the buses normally.
    2. Because buses will be scheduled to capacity all learners will be required to wear masks the entire ride unless there is a medical excuse.
    3. We are working with our bus contractor on aggressive disinfection protocols, but we cannot guarantee that buses will be disinfected between every single run.
    4. We will be constantly ventilating buses with partially open windows throughout the year, learners will need to plan ahead in cooler months.
    5. Afternoon drop off times may vary due to changes in the bus dismissal procedures from the parking lots.

    We hope that these few points help you make an educated decision on how you may prefer to get your learners to and from school.