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Student Computer Damage Waiver Plan

This school year the Technology Services Department will be offering learners voluntary damage coverage for their District issued technology devices. This fee will cover damages to the devices for the 2023-2024 school year. For families with 2 or more learners, we will be providing a family waiver which will split the cost amongst the students enrolled. To be fully covered families must pay the fee for each student.

OPEN ENROLLMENT PERIOD - Now through  9/30/2023. To enroll your learner in the Technology Damage Waiver you should create an account with e~Funds for Schools. Once the waiver has been paid, your learner(s) will be covered for this current school year. 

To view payments and any fees owed log onto your PowerSchool parent access account and navigate to the balance section.

Learners who move into the district after 9/30/2023 will have 30 days to enroll in this program. 

**Any family the does not enroll within the enrollment period will have the fee removed from their learners account**

The pricing for the waiver fee is as follows:

Damage Waiver Pricing

Individual Waiver (1 learner)


Family Waiver (2 or more learners)

$45.00 (cost is split between learners)



Accidental Damage

Cracked Screens

Liquid Damage


Damages to Loaner Devices

Loss/Theft (If a police report has been filed and is provided to the district)



Any dishonest, fraudulent, malicious, or criminal acts

Any use not in accordance with District Acceptable Use Policy 815

Disappearance of the device not reported to local law enforcement


Annual Deductible Schedule if damage waiver fee is paid:

Accidental Damage Claim #1 

(Same Student)


Accidental Damage Claim #2

(Same Student)


Accidental Damage Claim #3 and beyond  (Same Student)

Full price to repair device


Please contact Megan Anthony at or call 717-354-1547 for any questions.

If you decide NOT to purchase the Student Computer Damage Waiver during the open enrollment period, the below is a cost matrix for computer damages that will be invoiced for student computer damages:

2023-2024 Replacement Costs

Carrying Case


Base (plastic)


Keyboard Bezel (plastic)


LCD cover (plastic)


LCD Bezel (plastics)








Hard drive






Total Replacement



Invoices should be paid within 30 days of receipt. Invoices over 90 days may be sent to collections. Payment plans can be set up (if necessary) by contacting Megan Anthony at (717)354-1547.