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Technology Services

The purpose of Technology at the Eastern Lancaster County School District is to provide our students and faculty with the right tools necessary to support the 21st century learning environment, provide for rapid communication/collaboration, increase operational productivity, and to provide an infrastructure that will support current and future trends in K-12 education.

Technology in Teaching, Learning, and Assessment:

Students have the opportunity to explore and to apply multiple uses of technology with student-centered digital curriculum. The primary goals of student technology use is to increase the potential for higher student achievement and for the learning of 21st century skills. 

All students in grades 1-12 have one-to-one mobile devices and access to digital curriculum, thereby changing learning from the confinement of physical classrooms to Anywhere and Anytime there is internet access. Students in grades 7-12 take mobile devices home while students in grades 1-6 leave their assigned mobile device at school. Grades 1-9 students participate in the district's Rotational Model - Hybrid Learning Program. All other students are provided with online access to Math & Reading Computer Aided Instruction. The Spartan Personal Cloud and Google Classrooms Learning Management Systems have been designed to provide each student with a digital dashboard of curriculum and tools needed for their education and are available from any internet capable device. 

The shared commitment to academic excellence from the community, School Board, administration, and faculty has enabled the implementation of the following technology resources:

  • Computer to Student ratio is approximately: 1 computer for every student.

Every teacher throughout the district has either a Dell or Lenovo Laptop computers running Windows 10 and MS Office 2016 Suite. All classrooms, offices, and media centers are wired and wireless for network and internet access. Students have network accounts including storage space on the network. Students in grades 3-12 have access to student email through Microsoft Office 365. Our student and staff Internet usage is filtered by our SmoothWall Appliance. Websites that are blocked are categorized in the following categories: adult content, violence, games, chat, gambling, auction, and hacking. To help ensure that our students stay on task, all student computers are monitored by our Aristotle Datavault Surveillance and Reporting Appliance. Every computer in the district is protected against viruses and other malicious logic by Microsoft endpoint protection software. Virus definitions are downloaded daily to a server and then automatically distributed throughout the district.

Technology to increase Productivity and Infrastructure:

The goal of using technology to increase productivity is to develop operational innovations and redesign business processes to improve outcomes while lowering operational costs. The district has employed the following innovations:

  • Data Interoperability Framework - Framework established to connect all mission critical information systems for the purpose of providing business intelligence, digital workflows, and the improvement of data accuracy in all ELANCO Information Systems. Systems that communicate are: student information, transportation, library automation, food services, network account management, Office 365, Google Apps, learning management, health information, and data warehouse systems.
  • ShoreTel Voice Over IP (VOIP) telephone services - Each district classroom and office area is equipped with a VOIP telephone allowing administrators/teachers access to have voice communications from practically anywhere in the district.
  • School Safety & Rapid Communication - Throughout the district there are 280+ IP security cameras deployed to help increase school safety. 1st responders have access to these cameras in the case of an emergency. The district also uses SchoolMessenger for rapid notifications in the event of an emergency to notify parents/guardians.
  • Print management and virtualization - The district utilizes VMWare and HyperV to maintain 200 virtual desktops/ 140+ virtual servers across 10 physical hosts and 2 SANs. PaperCut is used to manage all printing and copying across the district which has resulted in a 40% savings in paper costs. 

The ELANCO Technology Team includes 10 full time technical employees and the Director of Technology. The district's technology team responsibilities include: 

Director of Technology – Supervises all aspects of technology services.

Network Manager – Manages network backbone and desktop/server virtualization.

Systems Administrator – Images all computers, manages computer accounts, maintains IP security cameras, Voice Over IP phones, and print/copier management.

Elementary computer technicians (3 positions) – Provides technical support to all elementary schools and manages district mobile devices (tablets & I-pads).

Columbia Borough Technology Support Specialist - Provides technical support to all buildings(4) in Columbia Borough School District.Applications Support Specialist – Maintains district databases, information systems, and Data Interoperability Framework.Audio/Visual Specialist – Maintains classroom and district-wide A/V.Helpdesk Technician - Provides onsite and offsite help desk technical support for the Faculty, Staff and Students of the Eastern Lancaster County SD.

Technical Administrative Assistant – Maintains inventories, assists with GS student help desk technical support, orders technology equipment/supplies, and provides administrative support to the ELANCO's technology department.