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Medication Procedures

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The Eastern Lancaster County School District recognizes that, under certain circumstances, it is necessary for students to receive medication during school hours.  Whenever possible, medication should be given to students at home, before or after school. Medication administration will follow, whenever possible, the procedure described on the medication form.   The “Medication Administration Consent Form” needs to be filled out completely prior to the administration of medication. The form can also be found under Forms and Resources  or from the school nurse.

Prescription medications must be delivered in the original container with the label prepared by the pharmacist or physician and will be administered in accordance with the direction of a physician and written permission from the parents. Any medication that is a controlled substance (such as Ritalin) must be delivered to the school by the parent/guardian.

Over-the-counter medication must be delivered in the original container with the directions and expiration date clearly legible, and will be administered according to the labeled instructions with written parental consent and for not more than five (5) days. If the medication is to be administered for longer than 5 days, a physician’s order is required along with the written consent.

  • Students are expected to come to the health room at the appropriate time to take the medication.
  • All requests for medication administration must be renewed at the beginning of each school year.
  • All medication must be kept in the nurse's office. Specific prescribed medication (inhalers and EpiPens) may be carried by the student only after proper paperwork is complete and the nurse gives permission.
  • The nurse is authorized to administer or decline to administer medication based on best nursing practice.