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Paying for Meals

How Do I Pay for School Meals?

Options for food purchases include: cash, check or online payment.

For Elementary school we strongly recommend you do not send them with cash and if you do please make sure that it is in a sealed envelope with your child’s name, ID number, and amount.

If you are paying by check please make it out to ELANCO SD Café with your child’s name and ID number on the check.  There is a $20.00 charge for all returned checks.

Elementary learners can give their money to their teacher or bring to the cafeteria at breakfast or lunch

Secondary learners will bring their money to the cafeteria at breakfast or lunch and hand directly to the cashier.  There are also locked drop boxes outside each office and in front of the cafeteria.

If you would like to use the online payment system, please visit

An automated point of sale system in all cafeterias allows parents to set up an account and view what their child is purchasing and their current account balance. This can also be accomplished at as well as restrictions, low balance alerts and automatic withdraws.

Students use their ID to scan or their ID number to punch in the pin pad for purchasing all food items at the register.

***Please note you can add a statement on your child’s account such as, “lunch only” or “breakfast only.”  Every child has the opportunity to eat both breakfast and lunch unless we have a note on their account that says otherwise. ***

Meal Prices

Meal Prices

Elementary-Breakfast (FREE), Lunch ($2.75 Paid, free for reduced and free)

Secondary-Breakfast (FREE) Lunch ($2.95) Subway ($3.50 paid, free for reduced and free)

Adult -Breakfast ($2.80) Lunch ($4.30) Subway ($5.00)

A La Carte Prices


Bottled Water-$1.00

Extra Lunch Entrée $2.75

Extra Breakfast Entrée $1.85

Subway-$3.50 (Secondary)

Teas/Lemonade $1.00 (Secondary)

Premium Drinks $1.50 (Secondary)

Cookies 2 for $1.00 (Secondary)

Ice Cream $1.00 (Secondary)

Bagged Snacks $.75 (Secondary)

Beef Jerkey $2.00 (Secondary)


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