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Food Services

2024-2025 Letter To Households

First page of the PDF file: Paper2024-2025LettertoHouseholds

Good nutrition and learning go hand in hand.

The Food Services department is made up of a team of school lunch hero's that are dedicated to children's health, wellbeing and their ability to learn. We support learning by promoting healthy habits for lifelong nutrition and fitness practices.

Food and beverages sold or served at school meet the nutrition recommendations of the U.S. Dietary Guidelines. We provide students with access to a variety of affordable and appealing foods that meet the health and nutrition needs of students.

All meals are based on a meal pattern.  Each meal depending on age group must contain a certain number of calories, fat, sodium, fruit, vegetable (dark green, red/orange, beans/pea/legumes, starchy, and other categories, grains, meat/meat alternates (alternates include items such as cheese and yogurts), and fluid milk.  We participate in offer vs. serve at both breakfast and lunch. That means we offer all the components that are needed, and the students can take or decline as they wish. 

At breakfast, we offer four components of which the student must choose a minimum of three with one item being a fruit. We offer a variety of bread/grain, fruit/vegetable, meat/meat alternate and milk components. Menu items may account for one or two components such as a breakfast sandwich containing a grain and meat. 

At lunch, we offer five components of which the student must choose a minimum of three and can take up to 5. Lunch components include meat/meat alternative, bread/grain, fruit, vegetable and milk.   Once again, menu items may include more than one component; for example, a cheeseburger is both the meat/meat alternate and the grain. 

To receive a reimbursable breakfast or lunch, one of the components chosen MUST be a fruit or vegetable at both meals.
Each lunch we serve offers your child: Fruit, Vegetables, Grains, Meat/Meat Alternate and Milk.