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2023/2024 Entrance to Grades K & 1 State Requirements throughout PA

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2023/2024 Entrance to Grades K & 1 State Requirements Letter 


To whom it may concern: 

The purpose of this letter is to make you aware of the Eastern Lancaster County School District's Board Policy 201 regarding entrance to kindergarten and first grade. The ELANCO policy is based on state requirements that define the ages and grades for mandatory attendance in public schools throughout the Commonwealth. ELANCO is required to follow these updates and is sharing this information to help in planning your child's successful start in our district. 

Children who enroll and are six years old prior to September 1 will attend first grade as beginners. 

First Grade Registration

Children who enroll and are five years of age prior to September 1st will attend kindergarten. 

Kindergarten Registration

Once your child begins their academic career in another district or private school and enrolls in ELANCO, they will be enrolled in the next scheduled grade that they would have been enrolled in at the previous district or private school. 

For all children attending our schools, there are multiple supports available to help throughout the transition to our schools. We recognize that each child comes to us with a variety of experiences that impact their readiness, and we will partner with you to best meet the needs of your child. Academic support may include tiered instruction in our classrooms and meeting with a building-based reading specialist to support early literacy. For children who may need support with behavior, each classroom teacher, the building counselor, as well as a behavioral specialist or school psychologist can also be a resource. In all instances, it is our belief that we are partners in your child's education and will collaboratively work with you to best meet their needs at this very important time in their educational careers. 

For registration support enrolling in Kindergarten.  Please contact Alice Irwin at: or 717-354-1522.

For registration support enrolling in First Grade.  Please contact Nicole Hoffa at: or 717-354-1142.