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Transportation Portal

To access the Transportation Portal, have the following required information ready: 
- Have child's 9 digit school ID - the one that starts with their year of graduation. (Not the PA Secure ID#)
- child's birth date 
- child's school
- child's grade
  • Click on
  • Choose Parent Portal
  • Create an account using email & password
  • Check "I'm not a robot"
  • Click on "submit".
  • You will receive a confirmation email. Click on "confirm" in email to confirm your account.
  • You will now be able to log into the Transportation Parent Portal.
  • After logging in into the transportation portal, you will need to click "Add Student".
  • Enter in the requested information (Student ID, Birth date, School, & Grade.)
  • After adding the student, your child's bus information will appear. You will see their pick up time, drop off time, the location of the stop, the bus number, etc.
You will need to add each of your children separately.  (You only have add the student once for return visits to the portal.)