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UPDATE: September 11, 2020


Attention District Families:


The Eastern Lancaster County School District has been approved to provide FREE breakfast and lunches for ALL children ages 18 and under through December 31, 2020. Therefore, effective Monday, September 14, all breakfast, and lunch meals will be free for all students every school day, regardless of income.


In Person Learners –Learners in District buildings will continue to enjoy meals served from the cafeteria as normal at breakfast and lunch, but MEALS WILL BE FREE.  A la carte purchases, including beverages, double meals, snacks, etc. will still be available for purchase with cash or account funds.


In Person Remote and ELANCO Online Learners – Meal pick-ups will start on Wednesday September 23rd and continue every Wednesday from 9:00AM to 10:00AM pending meal counts.  Pick up will be at the Secondary campus at the back of the school at the loading dock beside the Tech dept (look for the balloons on the first day).  Five breakfasts and five lunches will be provided for each learner.  Meal counts will be reduced in weeks when there are less than five instructional days. A meal sign-up link will be posted on the district website, directions are below. The sign-up link is applicable to all children age 18 and under, including younger children who are not yet enrolled in the District. Meals are prepared based upon the sign-up numbers received, so please sign up each week if you intend to pick up meals.


Sign Up for In Person Remote and ELANCO Online Learners

Parents and/or learners will need to sign up each week to receive these meals.  There is a google form listed on the district website (reopening 2020-2021 tab/remote learners meal pick up/sign up link) Please fill one out for each learner.  Sign-ups will occur the week before the actual pick up week starting on Mondays and ending on Wednesday evenings.

If you are changing your educational learning option to Option 1-In person learning please make sure that you do not sign up for meal pick up the days, they will be in person.  Example- When you sign up Monday, September 14th to pick up your meals the following Wednesday, September 23rd, that means your child will be an in person remote learner Thursday, September 24th till Wednesday September 30th.


**If you are an in-person remote learner and you already signed up for meal pick up next Wednesday evening the 16th that is still scheduled as normal and those meals are FREE**


We recommend that families who believe they would qualify for free/reduced meals complete an application at www.schoolcafe.com to ensure a seamless transition within the National School Lunch Program when the free meal program ends on December 31.


If you have any questions, please contact the Food Service Department

jami_leisey@elanco.org or 717-354-1581

Jami Leisey

Director of Food Services